About Us

Welcome to merak & co! I'm the brand founder Meg. 


merak & co is a modern essential oil brand seeking simple pleasures and evoking positive moods through scent, creating a sense of oneness and fulfilment - literally, the meaning of the word Merak. 


Thank you Google! 


After closing my gift & lifestyle shop, Meggie’s in 2019 and feeling totally lost I started reading up on mindfulness techniques as a way to navigate myself through the next, unknown steps in my life. Yoga became part of my daily practise and through Yoga I discovered essential oils. I bought an aroma diffuser and started introducing simple essential oils into my routine - citrus scents (my favourite) to energise me in the morning, lavender in my bubble bath to help me sleep at night, "small, daily pleasures” which lifted my mood. I just wasn’t crazy about the look of my first diffuser or the prices of some essential oils - they’re either cheap and smell cheap or too expensive for daily use or experimenting with and that's really where the idea of merak & co started! 

Now, I have two beautiful, ceramic merak & co diffusers; one on my bedside table and it’s still the first thing I reach for in the morning before picking up my phone to start scrolling and one in our living room for cosy nights on the sofa. The same sofa I’m sat on now whilst writing this with my favourite merak & co blended essential oil, Balance keeping me focused in the background.

Just to be clear, I’m no aromatherapist and I'm certainly not a wellness guru - I am my own customer! I'll be going on this journey with you, playing around with essential oils, experimenting with different scents for different moods - a lot of the time I just add what smells the best to my diffuser and that for me is enough. I would really love to change the perception that essential oils are for the most mindful people, for yogis, for ‘hippies’, you can be unashamedly you and still want your home, your space to smell lovely and with gorgeous scents, comes good moods. Essential oils are for everybody and every body.


A little more about me... 

When I'm not at home working on merak & co, you'll find my husband, Harry (without whom none of this would be possible!) and I walking our beloved dog Pepper in the beautiful Cotswold countryside or failing that, we'll be down the pub! All of which you can follow on Instagram. 



Want to get in touch? Email me at merak.meg@gmail.com, follow us on our social media platforms and share your essential oil story with us. Want to read more? There’s more of my rambling on the blog or sign up to our newsletter and get 20% off your next order.