How to Clean Your Diffuser


After daily use and a mix of different essential oils to suit your mood, you might find your diffuser has a small build up of essential oil residue - nothing to worry about and it's easily cleaned, just follow these few easy steps. We recommend that you clean your diffuser at least once a month or just when needed. 

Step 1: Unplug your diffuser. Remove the lids and empty the reservoir of any remaining water. 

Step 2: Wipe the inside of the water reservoir with a damp cloth, cleaning away any residue. 

Step 3: Fill the reservoir with water and approx 10ml of distilled vinegar - which you'll find at the supermarket.

Step 4: Turn you diffuser on for 5-10 minutes letting the mixture do it's thing! 

Step 5: Empty the reservoir again, give it another quick wipe over then top back up with fresh water - I like to let the diffuser run with just water for a while, to ensure it's fully clean.

Then enjoy with your favourite merak & co essential oil. 

It's as easy at that!  

Any further questions please get in touch. 

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